BASTING - Longarm Quilting Service - Flat Rate Fees
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BASTING - Longarm Quilting Service - Flat Rate Fees

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Do you hate the tedious task of basting your quilt layers together? 

I provide professional basting services on my longarm quilting machine. This process ensures that your quilt top, batting, and backing are sandwiched smoothly and evenly. Using long running stitches at 6" apart, your quilt "sandwich" will be returned to you and ready to quilt. Once quilted, you will be able to remove the basting stitches easily. 

This service includes:

  • Sandwiching your quilt top, batting, and backing
  • Basting with long running stitches around the perimeter of the quilt, and every 6" horizontally and vertically
  • Glide or Gamut polyester thread is used for ease of removal, in a contrasting colour to your quilt top and back

** Calculate the square inches of your quilt top by multiplying the width x length and then choose your pricing option **

Pricing is as follows:

Baby Size Quilt 

(up to 1,200 sq in): $25

Crib Size Quilt 

(1,201 to 1,874 sq in): $30

Throw Size Quilt 

(1,875 to 3,249 sq in): $35

Twin Size Quilt 

(3,250 to 6,300): $45

Double / Full-Size Quilt 

(6,301 to 9,180): $55

Queen Size Quilt 

(9,181 to 9,720): $65
King Size Quilt  (9,721 and up): $75


  • How to calculate linear inches: (width x 2) + (length x 2)
  • Please ensure that your quilt top and backing are square
  • Your backing and batting need to be larger than the quilt top by at least 4" on each side.   
  • Please press your quilt top and backing before dropping them off.
  • Additional charges may apply if extra work needs to be done @ $25 per hour.
  • This service is only available for drop-off and pick-up

Three Ways to Secure Your Basting Service:

  1. Choose your quilt size, add it to the cart, and checkout.
  2. Email with your request
  3. Phone 705-970-4538; please leave a message, with your name and number or email

    I will contact you by email to finalize the details (day and time for drop-off) Once the quilt is basted, I will send you an email with possible pick-up times and the amount owing.

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