FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


  • How often should I change my face mask and wash it?

A cloth face mask can be worn approximately 2-3 hours, or until it becomes damp or soiled. At that time, your face mask should be exchanged for a fresh mask. Always have extra cloth masks on hand! 


  • How do I wash my cloth face mask?

Hand or machine wash in any temperature water (the recommendation is hot water) with a small amount of unscented detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Hanging to dry increases the longevity of the mask, as well, as prevents breakage of the nosepiece. Once dry, store in a clean bag or container between uses. 


  • Can I iron my face mask?

Cotton face masks can be ironed on medium heat, being careful not to iron the nosepiece, the elastic, or the silicone locks. Ironing is not necessary if hanging to dry.


  • How many cloth face masks should I have?

This will vary based on how often you or your child are wearing your masks. Usually 3 to 4 masks per day for school children and working adults. 


  • I bought the regular size mask without adjustable elastic, but the straps are too long: how can I fix this?

A simple fix is to tie a small knot in each elastic, being careful not to make the knot too tight so that it remains adjustable and removable. Alternately, we supply silicone locks HERE, which can be added to almost any type of strap. 


  • Can a nosepiece be added to a previously purchased face mask?

Yes! There are a few ways to do this:

  1. All of our nosepieces have a peel and stick feature on one side of the nosepiece. Peel the paper back and secure the nosepiece to the exterior of the mask, where the bridge of the nose it. 
  2. Break a couple of stitches were the built-in nosepiece pocket is an insert the nosepiece, paper side towards the interior of the mask.
  3. Bring your masks back to me, if you are local, and I will replace them for a small fee. 
  • How do I get the best fit with a pleated mask? 

When you receive your mask, wash it first! Adjustable elastic and silicone locks help by allowing you to tighten the elastic comfortably. Run your fingers along the fabric at the bridge of your nose towards your ears, adjusting the lock as necessary. Repeat this technique under your chin, towards your ear. There may be a small gape in the fabric under the chin, however, behind that area, the mask will be snug along the skin.


  • I am worried your masks will not fit my face: what should I do?

Please contact us to discuss sizing if you have any questions or need a custom size. In most instances, we can guide you accordingly. We have a Live Chat feature on the right hand side of the webpage, or Contact us HERE. 


  • How long will it take to get my face mask once I have ordered?

We carry a good supply of pre-made inventory, which means that your order will ship within 1-2 business days. Due to many of our fabrics being in limited quantities, we makes orders with these fabrics as we receive your order, therefore your order may ship by 3-4 business days. Please choose the tracking option at checkout if you would like to track your order and would like insurance. 


Still have a question or need assistance? Contact us HERE.