Materials - Face Masks

When choosing our materials for our cloth face masks, we aim to comply with the current recommendations set out by the Government of Canada.

We choose fabrics which are: light to medium weight cotton, tightly woven, thread counts between 120 and 160. Our fabrics are washable, comfortable, and fun!

Here is the breakdown of our cloth Face Masks: 

  • Outer Layer: 100% Cotton
  • Interior Layer: 100% Cotton
  • Optional Third Inner Layer: Ultra sheer weight, non-woven, fusible polypropylene, that is fused to the inside of the outer layer
  • Elastic: Nylon & polyester (we are transiting from elastic straps to nylon only straps)
  • Thread: 100% Cotton 

Read Public Health Ontario's COVID-19 Non-Medical Mask Questions & Answers HERE.